Herbs and Supplements

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Dehydrating can be especially helpful if your bird has an illness or condition that would benefit from the addition of certain foods, supplements, or herbs to their diet. Recently on the EssentialBird Group we were discussing adding dandelion greens to the diet of a bird with kidney problems. Below is a sample recipe that might be useful if a bird won’t consume dandelion greens whole.


30-50% dandelion

20-30% berries, frozen/thawed is fine

20-30% soaked grains and seeds



To the above ingredients you should add the following:

Enough green powdered stevia herb to make it taste just barely sweet to you. This will help mask the bitterness of the greens.

Any spices your bird likes. You can even change it up each time you make a batch, but ginger with cinnamon are the favorites at my house and combine well with both sweet & hot spices. Go light on the spices or just choose 1 or 2 until you know what your bird prefers. I might use a combo of spices like:

  • curry, chili powder, garlic, or ginger
  • cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, or cardamom


This same idea can be used for any herbs or foods that will be beneficial for your bird. Most birds seem to readily eat crackers and serving your bird their supplements in this way makes it more like a treat than medicine.